Writer gives heartfelt thanks

I would like to say thank-you to the Bladen County EMS, Tar Heel Rescue and Bladen County Sheriff’s Deputy Cpl. Daniel Clark.

Town’s arm getting twisted

I don’t live in Elizabethtown and certainly don’t have a dog in this “fight,” but still feel compelled to comment on the year-long obvious tug-o-war between the town of Elizabethtown and one of its downtown building owners...

Clarifying thought on Christmas myth

I feel I must respond to the letter (“Santa is worth believing in,” Jan. 9) challenging my thought of parents trying to fulfill the promises of a fictitious character. I deliberately did not use the accepted name of the mythical...

Interrogation tactics produce nothing worthwhile

Your Dec. 16 political cartoon depicted Uncle Sam expressing shock at the recent Senate intelligence report on CIA interrogation torture tactics. In spite of insurmountable proof that torture produced no credible evidence, spokesmen for the...

Santa is worth believing in

I’m seriously bothered by some off the wall comments people are making at this time in our nation’s history. They’ve been stupid and hateful comments that do nothing other than to divide us into a nation of two parts, the left...


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