Possible three-eyed fish caught in canal in Brooklyn

BROOKLYN, N.Y. (WPIX/CNN) – A video first shown on the website Gothamist.com shows what appears to be a three-eyed catfish, fished out of the Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn. Some people who know about the toxic, polluted waterway all too well were actually a bit disappointed.

Brooklyn resident Chris McManus said he would have expected something more in the vicinity of 10 eyes.. According to the article, the fisherman intended to eat it for dinner.

But commenters questioned the validity of the video, saying it sounded like one big fish story.

Real or not, the extra eye had many on social media saying the Gowanus catch reminded them of a certain character from The Simpsons, known as Blinky.

Wildlife agencies contacted wouldn’t – or couldn’t – confirm the possibility of a three-eyed fish in the Gowanus, although you’d figure it would need at least that many eyes to navigate the sludge beneath.

“What I think is crazy is that there is a fish living there,” McManus said. “I feel bad for the fish.”

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