Owners say their Great Dane is world’s biggest dog

THROOP, Pa. (CNN) – When he comes at you at a gallop, you might mistake Bentley for something else.

“Mainly, you see a lot of people taking their phones out,” said Bentley’s owner, Bob Magliocchi, “or, ‘Is that a dog? Is that a horse?’ Basically, the common reaction is, ‘Is that a horse?’”

Magliocchi and his family have always had Great Danes. But never one like Bentley. He’s the biggest by far, and now possibly the biggest in the world.

The family is in the process of applying for Bentley to be documented in the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s tallest living dog.

He stands 38 inches tall from paw to shoulder. He has an appetite, too, eating about 30 pounds of dog food a week.

“And some table food, treats, more or less,” Magliocchi added.

Even though he weighs 228 pounds, Bentley considers himself a lap dog. He is the definition of a gentle giant.

His owners didn’t think the 5-year-old dog would make the record books until this year.

“I think the vets – they were actually shocked by his size that he was because they never saw one his size, either,” Magliocchi said. “So, once they told me, ‘Don’t let him get over 240,’ I sort of then realized that he is a large one.”

He’s large enough to help himself -performing his famous party trick – getting his own ice from the ice maker.

Bentley and the Magliocchis should know by the end of the year if Bentley’s picture will be in the record book. They haven’t planned any celebrations just yet.

“Maybe we’ll get him a cake,” Bob Magliocchi said.

After all, worldwide notoriety isn’t the kind of attention Bentley craves.

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