Quick actions save a life

July 7, 2014

On Wednesday, July 2, CPR training and the availability of an AED saved the life of Bay Tree Lakes pool manager Donovan Vinson.

Mr. Vinson’s heart stopped beating and he passed out after performing some duties at the pool. Fortunately, neighbors Karen Pack, a local P.A., Junior Rideout and Bay Tree Lakes volunteer fireman Terry Randall were present and responded immediately, administrating CPR and utilizing the recently installed AED.

Mr. Vinson had expired but was brought back to like through their efforts and the grace of God. Mr. Randell and a group of Bay Tree VFD firefighters were only recently re-certified in CPR.

This event serves as a reminder to everyone how important CPR training and AED’s can be. Everyone who can should obtain this valuable training. The next life saved might be your child, spouse or best friend.

Charles Massey

Bay Tree Lakes