Residents asked to conserve water

June 9, 2014

ELIZABETHTOWN — Effective immediately, the town of Elizabethtown will implement Phase I of the Water Shortage Response Plan Ordinance.

Phase I is a voluntary conservation measure. The public is asked to begin voluntary conservation measures and Class III Non-Essential uses will be halted. These uses, include but, may not be limited to: operation of water fountains, ornamental pools and recreational swimming pools that serve fewer than 25 persons, non-commercial washing of motor vehicles, sidewalks, houses, etc. and non-commercial watering of gardens, lawns, parks, playing fields and other recreational areas. For any Phase I, Voluntary Conservation, continued water consumption by Class III, non-essential users will result in a written notice of violation for the first offense, a $25.00 fine, and a $25.00 fine for each subsequent offense.

Water conservation is important in Elizabethtown because…….

* It preserves and protects our natural resources.

* It saves money for you and your community.

* It ensures the reliability of our water supply.

The Town of Elizabethtown appreciates everyone’s cooperation on this matter.