Letter to an emergency responder

April 4, 2014

On Friday, April 4, on Hwy. 242 at 2 p.m. coming to Elizabethtown from Bladenboro, an unknown volunteer responce person driving a large white jacked-up pickup truck — possibily an F-250, tried and did “slingshot” around a loaded feedtruck coming out of a curve and nearly hit me headon and also ran the feedtruck off the road.

You never slowed down. I heard the exhaust pipes roaring as you went past. I didn’t see your face. I didn’t turn and try to chase you down. No sense in trying to die twice in one day. You were moving/driving too fast anyways.

Hwy. 242 is a narrow road. No shoulders hardly. I locked brakes and slid off the roadside nearly getting stuck. The feedtruck was bouncing down the opposite shoulder as he tried to avoid an accident himself. I know. I saw in my mirror after he went by me. Me and the truckdriver were shook up from this. I do hope you got there before all the other people did. You were trying so hard.

My son will be 2 years old in 10 more days. I don’t want his last memory or thought of me, if or when he sees me laid out in a casket, being “Why won’t daddy get up and play with me?” I know you aren’t gonna stand there and tell him, “your daddy died because I can drive like I want to in an emercency.”

Believe me when I say I am gonna hug my young’un long and hard this afternoon.

Those red and white strobe lights … they are not a license to drive like a maniac. They are a privilige. The privilige is to aid and assist during an emergency and do so safely. There are no points for getting there first. The emergency or accident has already occured.

Next time, SLOW DOWN. It may save more lives that way.

Joe Morrison

Murphy Brown LLC