Efforts kicked off to rejuvenate Dublin Scout Hut

Staff report

March 10, 2014

DUBLIN — A huge initial step was taken Saturday in the effort to bring the iconic Dublin Scout Hut back to life.

About 50 supporters of those efforts showed up Saturday bearing the much-needed gifts of money and enthusiasm. The first arrivals started coming in two hours before the multi-purpose meeting was scheduled to start.

“They wanted to see the old building and what condition it is in,” said Seth Lewis, one of the organizers. “A lot of people just kept coming in and going through the building like they were looking for something.”

By day’s end volunteers has raised close to $1,000, had auctioned off 20 items, served 200 hot dogs, had held a flag-raising ceremony and flag-burning ceremony and elected officers — Tony Parnell as chairman, Seth Lewis as vice chairman, Wiley Parker as secretary and Walter Bullard as treasurer.

“It was really a great day,” said Bobby Lewis, who helped organize the event and served as volunteer auctioneer. “As of Sunday afternoon, money was still coming in and will be in excess of $1,000 by Wednesday night.

“Madison Garner said ‘I called Uncle Steve and he is mailing a check for $100.’This is typical of the conversations that went on all Saturday afternoon.”

Plans at the Scout Hut continue to be made to replace windows, repair damaged walls, put in temporary electric service, clean out the trash and dirt and do some restroom repairs. There is room for playground equipment on the grounds, and children are always around to play ball. Corners have been placed around the property and fallen trees removed.

According to organizers of Saturday’s event, speculation ran high as to when the building would be ready for use again and how much it would cost.

For information or to offer any kind of assistance with the project, call Walter Bullard at 862-4286, Tony Parnell at 316-0510, Bobby Lewis at 874-4011 or Seth Lewis at 770-3132.