Four County Community Services board hears administrative needs

Erin Smith Staff writer

March 4, 2014

ELIZABETHTOWN — The Four County Community Services Board of Directors met Tuesday in the Bladen County Courthouse and heard an update from Michael Hudson regarding the administration and financial update.

Hudson reported on the staff capacity and told the board that, when he first started in his position, there were four others besides himself. That staff has been reduced to two.

“We need to rebuild (our staff),” said Hudson.

He also updated on the launching of internship program with The University of North Carolina at Pembroke that will allow the use of an intern for about 25 hours per week.

“It’s designed to be both educational and practical,” said Hudson of the internship.

He continued his update by touching on the audit. He said that the audit firm of Anderson, Smith and Wike have begun work on the annual audit.

“As a part of the procedure and OBM 133 has to be performed on two programs,” said Hudson.

The two programs selected for this year’s procedure were the Head Start and Section 8 housing. Hudson said this part of the process has been completed and submitted to a federal audit clearing house.

“So far it is going smoothly,” said Hudson.

After he finished his report several questions from other board members were asked regarding the internship program.

The suggestion was made to include other colleges and community colleges besides UNC-Pembroke.

Executive Director Ericka Whitaker said they can include the other schools in the program, though it was launched with UNC-Pembroke. Interns will be paid $11 to $13 per hour and not exceed 25 hours per week.

In other business:

— The board voted to approve a budget amendment for the Head Start program for the 2014-15 fiscal year.

“At the last board meeting we approved the budget for next year,” said Head Start Director Toni Brite.

Since that meeting Brite told the board that she had received a directive for a 1.3 percent cost of living adjustment to be made. The original budget was $8.1 million and the adjustments will boost the budget to $8.6 million. The board voted to approve the measure.

In a related matter, the board approved a letter to be submitted to request a waiver for the days lost due to inclement weather.

— In a closed session, the board discussed creating new Board of Director committees. After about 45 minutes of discussion the board voted to return to open session and voted to accept the recommendation of the director for committees to be created.

Prior to the closed some examples of the proposed committees were read to the board and included organizational development, program development, finance committee, marketing and communications committee, evaluation and audit committee, personnel committee, legal committee and oversight committee.