Final list of candidates for May 6 primary

W. Curt Vincent Editor

February 28, 2014

ELIZABETHTOWN — A total of 67 candidates for local, state and national political offices tossed their hats into the ring for the May 6 primary, according to the Bladen County Board of Elections.
One of the races that should stand out for Bladen County's registered Democrats is a primary matchup between incumbent Sheriff Pentis Benston of Riegelwood, who is seeking his second term, and Steven Lesane of Elizabethtown, a former county deputy.
Benston defeated a slew of contenders in the 2010 race for sheriff following the retirement of Sheriff Steve Bunn.
The winner of the May 6 primary between Benston and Lesane will face Republican candidate James McVicker of Tar Heel, a trooper with State Highway Patrol, who has no primary opposition.
Candidates filed in other local races …
— Board of Commissioners, District 1: Incumbent Mark Gillespie (D); Arthur Bulluck (D).
— Board of Commissioners, District 2: Incumbent Charles Ray Peterson (D); Leon Dowless (D).
— Board of Commissioners, District 3: Incumbent Russell Priest (D); Charles Whitted (D).
— Board of Education, at-large: Dennis Edwards (R) is unopposed.
— Board of Education, at-large: Incumbent Berry Lewis (D); incumbent Vinston Rozier (D); Miles Hair (D); Curtis Benton (D).
— Board of Education, District 1: Incumbent Glenn McKoy (D); Gary Rhoda (D).
— Board of Education, District 2: Incumbent Roger Carroll (D); McCrae Dowless (D).
— Board of Education, District 3: Incumbent Alan West (D) is unopposed.
— Clerk of Superior Court: Incumbent Niki Dennis (D) is unopposed).
— County coroner: Incumbent Hubert Kinlaw (D) is unopposed.
— Register of Deeds: Incumbent Beverly Parks (D) is unopposed.
— District attorney, District 13: Incumbent Jon David (R); John Smithwick (R).
Candidates filed in state races …
— N.C. State Senate, District 8: Bill Rabon (R) is unopposed; Ernie Ward (D); Danny Hefner (D).
— N.C. House of Representatives, District 22: William Brisson (D) is unopposed; Ken Smith (R) is unopposed.
— N.C. House of Representatives, District 46: Ken Waddell (D) is unopposed; Brenden Jones (R) is unopposed.
— Supreme Court chief justice: Mark Martin and Ola Lewis.
— Supreme Court associate justice (Hudson seat): Eric Levinson, Robin Hudson and Jeanette Doran.
— Supreme Court associate justice (Martin seat): Bob Hunter and Sam Ervin.
— Supreme Court associate justice (Beasley seat): Mike Robinson and Cheri Beasley.
— Court of Appeals judge (Hunter seat): Bill Southern and Lucy Iman.
— Court of Appeals judge (Stroud seat): Donna Stroud is unopposed.
— Court of Appeals judge (Davis seat): Mark Davis and Paul Holcombe.
— District Court judge, District 13 (Fairley seat): William Fairkey is unopposed.
— District Court judge, District 13 (Prince seat): Sherry Prince and Willie Gore.
Candidates filed in national races …
— U.S. Senate: Thom Tillis (R); Jim Snyder (R); Edward Kryn (R); Mark Harris (R); Heather Grant (R); Alex Bradshaw (R); Greg Bannon (R); Ted Alexander (R); Will Stewart (D); Ernest Reeves (D); Kay Hagan (D); Sean Haugh (Lib); Tim D'Annunzio (Lib).
— U.S. House of Representatives, District 7: Woody White (R); David Rouzer (R); Chris Andrade (R); Walter Martin Jr. (D); Jonathan Barfield Jr. (D); J. Welsey Casteen (Lib).