Weather or not?

Erin Smith Staff writer

February 23, 2014

ELIZABETHTOWN — If the weather for the past few weeks hasn’t been crazy enough, or if you still want more snow, don’t get your hopes up just yet. Another round of cold air may be on its way, but the chances of snow aren’t that good, according to the National Weather Service.

The Weather Underground is prognosticating the return of the Polar Vortex by week’s end, bringing a return to below-normal temperatures that started in the Midwest on Sunday and slowly making its way into the South and Northeast by week’s end — dropping temperatures to as much as 2o to 30 degrees below normal.

There are rumors abounding that there will be snow forthcoming in the next week — and some folks are pointing to a reliable souce as a reason to think the white stuff will fall for the third time in a month. The Old Farmer’s Almanac predicts in its longrange forecast for the region that, on the dates of Feb. 21-26, there will be “rain to snow, then, sunny and cold.” For readers of the Almanac, this relatively handy book also correctly predicted the snow in late January and earlier this month.

Also, there is an old wives tale that goes something like this: If you hear thunder in the winter, than it is seven days to snow. Well, for those who may be of the superstitious mind-set or believe in folklore, a line of thunderstorms rumbled through the area last week.

The Weather Channel’s long-range forecast for Elizabethtown, however, shows a much different story, with predicted highs in the upper 60s to begin the week and, by the weekend, the highs only reaching into the 40s. Nowhere does The Weather Channel’s long-range forecast show any snow for our area.

So who is right?

Michael Ross with the National Weather Service in Wilmington said that the chances of snow here in Bladen County this week are very slim based on the current forecast models.

“There was some earlier thought about that (snow this week). One television station in Raleigh put that out, but it just doesn’t look like it,” said Ross.

He added there may be a a longshot for some snow flurries overnight Wednesday, but he said, if that happens, it would all end by midnight.

Ross said any possibility of snow occurring is more favorable near Raleigh, Rocky Mount and Southern Pines at this time.

So, just who is right? We’ll have to wait and see what occurs this week.

The first two snow storms to sweep through Bladen County this winter caused schools to be closed a total of eight days.