Writer gives her thanks

January 30, 2014

First, your inclusion of Ronnie McBrayer’s column was one of the wisest decisions you may claim as editor.

Thoroughly reading and listening to his articles/presentations/sermons to include his words “… a place of simplicity where people can learn what it means to follow Christ, worship God, love their neighbors and serve the world.”

Ronnie teaches four lessons we can learn to become better followers and better evangelists.

1. It’s about people.

2. It’s about identity.

3. It’s about simplicity.

4. It’s about flexibility

One of the wisest decisions I’ve read and truly appreciated.

Second, the front page article on Mrs. Phyllis Lewis was a TREMENDOUS service to Bladen County. Her work is beautiful! Seth and she have agreed to speak to the Optimist Club in the near future on this and related topics. Due in part, thanks to you and Erin!

Third, thank you for acknowledging Congressman Mike McIntyre. His contributions to Bladen County are immeasurable. Sometime, we’ll have a private conversation on the impact he and his staff invested in the lives of our neighbors. It does not matter whether one is of one party or another, to Mike and his staff (particularly Billy, Vivian, Matthew and Roxanne), we are all residents of Robeson and Bladen counties and he’s from Lumberton, about 15 miles away. He has a tough job and his memory is quite good.

One day we will stand before the Lord to hear and understand first hand some of the “What Would Jesus Do?” acts I witnessed come out of his office. Believe the Lord would have approved. However, we’ll leave this for the Almighty to answer. May Mike’s successors stand just as strong for the same Christian principles.

We’ll be praying for leadership grounded in the Bible.

Thank you,

Janice Ryckeley