Bladen Lakes students learn about catapults

January 24, 2014

ELIZABETHTOWN — Recently, the Bladen Lakes Primary School cafeteria experienced a major food fight. Candy and felt pieces were flying everywhere, and even the school’s principal was hit.

No students got in trouble, however, because they happened to have been participating in the school’s Science Olympiad catapult contest.

Under the direction of the team’s coach,Nicole Allen, students were instructed to make a catapult from household materials. Students were very creative and used pieces of plastic products, rubber bands, cardboard, straws, pvc pipes and more to make their contraptions.

In small groups, students tested their catapults and measured the distance they were able to hurl tiny objects such as gummy bears and felt pieces.

At the end of the contest, Allen debriefed the students. She asked them why some catapults had more power than others. She also talked to the students about their new knowledge of scientific concepts such as weight, speed, and velocity.