On the verge of destruction

December 26, 2013

If a man goes back in time 60 years and compares life then to now, he will become sick.

We have become a nation of wimps and drug addicts. We look and pray to Obama and the Democratic Party to save us, not knowing their goal for America is slavery.

The middle class is now dead. Only politicians make enough money so their wives don’t have to work.

We are no longer a nation under God, but a pagan nation like ancient Rome. We no longer follow God. We now follow Obama and his Democratic Party.

The command states we are not to have any other god but the most High God. American today gives God lip service.

At some point in the very near future, the United States will go down like every other empire in history.

But there is a way out for America — and that is for America to return to God and repent, because God and only God can save America now.

We as a people will not do that; we will pray to Obama and the Democrats to save us and we will be destroyed.

Jerry Lewis