Writer wants Jackson suspended

December 3, 2013

It seems that the residents of Bladenboro have to live by the law and obey the law in Bladenboro — all except one.

The town manager/administrator thinks he is above the law in this town. In other words, he is the law. Once again he is caught up in something with another resident of this town like the one at his laundromat last summer, during which charges were brought in.

This man is suppose to set an example for this town to follow, but his example is for the residents to take the law into their own hands like he does.

Boycott his laundromat; do your laundry somewhere else. If he thinks he IS Bladenboro — he stated once that “if I had a problem with the way he ran things, I needed to take it to the governor — best advice he has given and I think that is what I will have to do.

When you represent a town, you’re suppose to act in a professional way. And the outgoing council can be thanked for this, since they gave him another contract before they left office. The new town government should suspend him without pay until this last incident is investigated and settled.

Step up, Mayor Rufus Duckworth, go through with your promises — or was that just to get elected? You’re suppose to represent us.

Ken Chavis