ObamaCare a transfer of wealth

November 20, 2013

The United States as a nation is dying.

The only man in my lifetime, and I am 71 years old, who was honorable was Ronald Reagan.

I am not a Democrat or Republican. I vote for the least of two evils. The Democrat Party’s wolves in sheep’s clothing gave us NAFTA, which is awful. Jobs flew out of the United States. There are, at present, more than 11 million people out of work — nearly a third of the population.

Obama, with the help of Democrats, gave us ObamaCare, which will be the greatest transfer of wealth in history. Obama and the Democrats’ goal is to get rid of the middle class — and ObamaCare will do that for sure.

There is little difference between Obama, the Democrats and communism or Hitler. None of them had or have the people’s needs at heart. They did and want to do as they please.

What they have in mind for the American people is total slavery.

Jerry Lewis