Rich puts hat in the ring for congressional seat

W. Curt Vincent Editor

November 18, 2013

Republican Arthur Rich, a Garland native and Greenville businessman, announced his candidacy for North Carolina’s 1st Congressional District seat on Monday in Goldsboro, Greenville and Elizabeth City.

Rich, 36, who previously sought the GOP nomination for lieutenant governor in 2012, is focusing his campaign on the need for localized job development from individual innovators within the district. He believes the necessary foundation for improved prosperity and renewal in district one is best achieved with “home-grown and home-owned industries.”

Rich is a certified public accountant who earned an associate’s degree from Sampson Community College and a bachelor’s degree from East Carolina University.

“This concept encompasses and affects every citizen within the district as well as the state and nation,” he said. “I want to see economic developers seeking new products and services within the area. The innovators and entrepreneurs are there; I deal with them everyday. Your representatives need to understand the recession maybe over on Wall Street and Washington but, not in eastern North Carolina. Commerce recruits 1,300 jobs in Raleigh and 4,300 are laid off in Charlotte.”

“Bootstrap Job Development will overcome this deficit,” he added. “I pledge my leadership to obtain the funding and support for this overdue endeavor. I will be in it with you.”

For information about Rich’s campaign, call 252-624-5822