About the writer …

November 12, 2013

Sandra Ruan is a dietetic intern at Southern Regional Emory Healthcare in Atlanta, Ga., where she is completing her clinical, community and food service rotations before eligibility to practice as a registered and licensed dietitian in May 2014.

Until then, she enjoys helping others improve their health IQ through volunteering at seminars and nutrition programs, and writing blogs and articles related to food and nutrition meanwhile staying connected to her hometown. Her future interests include outpatient care/private practice in diabetes and weight loss management with a part-time focus in food service and business development.

As a former athlete at East Bladen High School and a restaurant manager in Elizabethtown, she has a unique background in wellness and food service in which allows her to relate well to a variety of audiences.

Ruan has more than 10 years of experience working in the food service industry from business management, customer relations to culinary contributions in the kitchen. During her tenure as manager of Golden Run Restaurant, she developed food menus, standardized recipes and ensured food safety and sanitation practices under the scope of local and state regulations.

After her undergraduate studies, Ruan moved to New York City where she managed a medical private practice, attended graduate school and immersed herself in a food world cultivated from cultural diversity. She also worked as a nutrition educator for City Harvest – Cooking Matters, which provides individuals with basic nutrition education, healthy cooking demos, and guided grocery store tours to promote improvements in dietary and human health outcomes.

Ruan holds a bachelor’s of science degree in nutrition science from North Carolina State University and a master’s of science degree in nutrition and health sciences from Brooklyn College – City University of New York. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, running, playing tennis and anything related to food.

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