Parents upset over rec league

October 28, 2013


I am writing to voice my opinion of REC games.

My grandson played in rec soccer this year. Well, there were only four teams and not enough coaches. It seems the team my grandson was on only had one coach and an assistant coach.

Now I understand when they have to work and be out of town, but knowing this ahead of time they should make arrangements for someone to step in. I mean their team only had three practices. Plus you need to get coaches that truly care about their team whether they know about coaching soccer or not. Read up, research, watch videos talk with other coaches. Come on now.

Also, is it fair for only one team to receive awards when all the children put their heart and all into playing? There should have been enough awards for all the teams and players. Come on now, I researched the prices and it’s not like they cost a fortune — most are under $5. Yes the shipping is about $20, but come on now.

Also what gets me is asking for the jerseys back. come on now, we pay a fee for the children to be on the team and asking for the jerseys back is really wrong. Why do we pay the money and yet feel shortchanged by this. If the city can spend money on other things they can spend a little more for the children.

I am not the only one who feels this way.

Mary Gaskins