Voters should make clear choice

October 24, 2013

I have written several letters to the editor this year about our town of Bladenboro, our form of government and changes that need to be made. There’s nothing I wrote I won’t stand behind, but I have realized one thing this year — it’s not about our town that matters to most or who is best qualified to make it move forward.

What has happened and what I have seen by a lot of candidates is who can they support to get things done the way they want things done and is best for them, not our town, and that is so sad.

I have seen family turn away from family only to vote for someone who can do no more than hurt someone else, not on who is right for the job. I have always wanted only what was best for Bladenboro and its residents. What kind of example are we setting for our children and grandchildren when we vote for the soul purpose of hurting someone else?

This town doesn’t only need a great leader and followers, but it needs Jesus. When you vote today or on election day, vote with a clear head and not a heavy heart, and don’t let others influence your vote. The decision you make you have to live with.

Voters, please make Bladenboro proud, and let’s see at least an 80-percent turnout instead of the normal 42 percent.

Ken Chavis