Dinner shows why change is needed

October 21, 2013

A special dinner was held in Bladenboro on Thursday night for a selected few voters: The mayor, town manager and four of the six town council members were present, but two council member where not invited.

The two who were not invited are in favor of the mayor-council form of government. Is this not a quorum when only the council members who are favor of a council-manager form of government, and the mayor and town manager were there?

My question is … why was this not open to the entire town council and to the public since is was about a town matter?

Something is wrong with this picture. A statement was made at that dinner that, if you don’t vote you will lose this town. The truth of the matter is, this town is already lost under its current format. I stated earlier this year the residents and voters need to take there town back and this is a prime example of it.

Please show Bladenboro you care and make a change in this town by voting Nov. 5 for a NEW DIRECTION, and also vote YES to a mayor-council form of government. Show our present form of government that YOU run this town, your opinion does matter and it’s your town, not theirs. Vote Nov. 5.

Ken Chavis