Plugged into THE power source

October 20, 2013

One morning last week when I started my Jeep, I thought there was a slight pause before it started. But then after it started, I figured it must have been my imagination and didn’t think anymore of it.

The next day when I turned the key to start my Jeep, there was a definite pause along with a couple of clicking sounds before it started. This time I knew it wasn’t my imagination. All day long anxious thoughts filled my mind as I worried about what the problem might be and how much it was going to cost to repair it. Though I have no knowledge whatsoever of auto mechanics, in my mind I just knew it had to be a starter, generator, or transmission problem.
The next day when I tried to start my Jeep it wouldn’t start. It was as dead as a doornail. Under normal circumstances, my son-in-law who does maintenance on his own vehicles would have already checked my Jeep and told me the problem. However he and my daughter were in Rwanda on a mission trip and weren’t coming home for another couple of days.
Fear had now crept into my thoughts and for the next two days I anxiously fretted the hours away. Normally I discuss my problems, big or small, with God. But I didn’t this time and I really don’t know why. But what I do know is that the fretting and worrying left me feeling physically, mentally, and spiritually drained. Yet I continued mulling it over in my mind.
By the time my son-in-law and daughter arrived home from their mission trip I had it all figured out. In my mind I knew what was wrong with my Jeep. The problem was the engine. And the only way to fix it was to buy a new engine which was going to cost at least a couple of thousand dollars not including the cost of the mechanic’s labor. Yes, I had it all figured out. And that’s why I found it almost unbelievable when my son-in-law after checking the Jeep told me; “The battery’s dead.” All that worrying, and it was nothing more than a dead battery.
What things are you worrying about? Whatever it is … it’s not worth it. How I wish I’d shared my Jeep worries and anxieties with God. Two days that I could have enjoyed, I lost to worry. Two days that I’ll never get back. This whole ordeal has taught me that worry and anxiety is like a ‘dead battery’ in ones’ life. And that to ‘run’ at peak performance one must plug his faith and hope into a power source that never fails.
And that Power Source is Jesus Christ.
Casting the whole of your care [all your anxieties, all your worries, all your concerns, once and for all] on Him, for He cares for you affectionately and cares about you watchfully.—1 Peter 5:7
Debra Wallace is an inspirational columnist and speaker. You may contact Debra by calling 252-568-3453 or online at