Boo ya!

October 15, 2013

Looking for a treat without the trick? Well look no further than, where, earlier this week, the Bladen Journal’s latest online contest kicked off.

Just in time for the beginning of the holiday season, the Journal and its key advertising sponsors are hosting a virtual costume party and they are inviting everyone to join the merriment.

The contest sponsors include Fair Bluff Ford, Johnson Law Firm and Bounce brothers Bounce Houses.

Winner of the Virtual Costume Contest will receive a $150 grand prize, a nice chunk of change.

Much like the Cutest Kids and Cutest Pets contests the newspaper offered this spring, prizes will be awarded in three categories which includes, of course, the overall winner with the best costume. Couple that with the braggin’ rights associated with having the best costume in these parts and it’s a winning party in which everyone should want to take part.

Winners are chosen by online visitors who will be allowed to cast votes — one per day — for those pictured in their neatest, scariest or cutest costumes. Voting begins on Nov. 3 and continues until Nov. 10, and winners will be announced the following week.

The contest provides a way for children to get involved in something fun — and parents can, as well. It’s all an effort at some good community fun.

Categories include scariest, most unique, cutes, funniest and overall winner, with prizes being awarded to the overall winner and the cutest. Others will get those braggin’ rights that are just as important.