Healthy vote

September 24, 2013

On Friday, the House again put its votes where the GOP platform has been for a long time: firmly against funding ObamaCare — and U.S. Rep. Mike McIntyre, D-Elizabethtown, supported the GOP with his vote once again.

The vote, which was by a 230-189 majority, approves keeping the government open through mid-December — but only if Congress as a whole strips funding from the Affordable Care Act, which is better known as ObamaCare.

We applaud McIntyre and the House for the stand they took.

The vote was important for two reasons. First, the current funding for the government expires on Sept. 30; and second, it sent another strong holler across the Capitol to the Democrat-controlled Senate that the Republican-controlled House will not support any agreement that includes funding for the much-ostracized health plan.

But while the House’s Democratic senatorial counterparts have blasted Friday’s vote as a waste of time for a bill they claim is dead on arrival, perhaps those senators should be looking in the mirror when they start spewing opinions about how stubborn and out of touch the House GOP is.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid continues to spearhead the effort to keep ObamaCare funded, even though it has become increasingly evident that most Americans don’t like it and don’t want it; as well as the fact that it has already begun to hurt small business owners, who are cutting hours and entire positions in order to be able to pay for the plan.

On top of that, President Obama — who pulls the puppet strings for his minions like Reid and Nancy Pelosi — has begun delaying key portions of the health plan because it is proving too complex and far from ready to implement, something he arguably doesn’t have the authority to do.

The whole thing will come to a head this week when the Senate predictably kills the House bill and claims that Republicans want the government shut down on Oct. 1.

But Friday’s vote emphasizes the opposite, and the only thing that will be evident after the Senate’s vote will be how badly Democrats still want to shove ObamaCare down the American people’s throats.