Hall sends her heartfelt thanks

September 18, 2013

Hi, everyone! FMC has notified me that, although I did not win the first prize of $10,000 in the National Anthem contest, I have won the $5,000 scholarship for being in the Top Four nationally — and that’s a pretty big deal.

Remember, it all started out with the first round of voting in July with 200 contestants, and the faithful of you who so graciously took the time to vote for me in order to be chosen in the first round of the contest. Had I not cleared that hurdle, I would never have gone before the judges and progressed to the Top Four. I am so very grateful to everyone who tolerated my constant reminders and supported me in this effort.

Special thanks goes to the Bladen Journal, Bladenonline, The Fayetteville Observer, Tweeters, Facebookers and word-of-mouth heroes for publicizing the contest. Special thanks goes to FMC Agricultural Products for sponsoring the contest, Northstar Productions of Nashville for filming the contest, Seismic Sound of Nashville for that first-rate recording you saw online, and professionals Brian Sanderson, executive creative director at Northstar Productions, and Tom Davis, music producer and owner of Seismic Sound. The trip to Nashville to film and record, which was provided by FMC, was a dream fulfilled and I can’t say enough about it.

I hope the silver lining is that more students from this area will consider entering the contest. And to you young people, go looking for opportunities, and you will find them. There are scholarships to be had if you do your research and try really hard. It doesn’t matter that you live in the small towns. The world has become a global community through the use of social media, which is what many contests are geared toward.

And to the rest of us, it goes to show what we can accomplish when we band together to support our own. Out of 200 entries, I placed in the Top 4, and that is because of folks such as yourself, who selflessly took the time to vote and support me.

Many, many, thanks. God bless you all.


Hayley Hall

West Bladen High School senior