Lacking leadership

September 17, 2013

So tell us, what exactly did this country learn from President Obama’s speech to the nation last week concerning the issue of Syria?

The president went before the American people in a seriously deep political hole — much of it of his own digging and one in which even many in his own political party could not understand.

In a nutshell, here’s what most of us had re-emphasized and the rest us should have learned: This president is a fence-sitter for a reason … his ultra-liberal agenda not only includes pushing Americans toward mediocrity, but also allowing this country to become mediocre in the world.

And in the case of Syria, that has meant talking tough and acting not at all. He continues to show little or no leadership in domestic and international affairs outside of throwing good money after bad.

We can now add Syria to the list of political debacles Obama’s resume is littered with — along with the IRS scandal, Benghazi and the National Security Agency.

To understand the level of — and it’s either incredible incompetence to lead or equally incredible brilliance to achieve his master plan — shown by Obama during his presidency, his latest course of action concerning Syria can now be considered Exhibit A. With a single handshake, he has slipped into bed with one of this country’s biggest enemies in Russia and allowed the reputation of America to be sullied more than it has been since the Vietnam War.

But leading up to that handshake, Obama first drew a red line, then ignored it; he then said he would assert his authority as commander-in-chief and order a military strike, then backed off and sent the decision to Congress.

On top of all that, Obama and his few remaining minions like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have already begun taking credit for a solution, saying the Russian idea of having Syria’s chemical weapons put under international supervision was born out of Obama’s threat of military action.

One things is painfully clear: Our president is either delusional or dangerous. Perhaps both.