Textile plant now a memory

Erin Smith Staff writer

September 5, 2013

ELIZABETHTOWN — The former Elizabethtown Manufacturing building on Cypress Street is all but a memory now.

The brick-veneered building once housed a sewing plant and employed as many as 100 people during its hey-day.

But over the past few weeks, crews have been working steadily in preparation for the building to be demolished. And Thursday was that day.

“The building had asbestos floor tile that had to be removed and then the adhesive used to glue the tile down also had to be removed,” said Joey Taylor, with Georgraphic Solutions, of the preparatory work for the demolition.

Taylor said the building was be completely demolished on Thursday. Jason Sutton and Eddie Sutton of Sutton Contracting at White Lake were handling the demoltion work. Once the building is down it will be rounded up onto the concrete slab that once served as its foundation to await the arrival of a giant grinder, said Taylor.

The town staff also recycled scrap metal from the building and Taylor said another crew will come in and grind the brick, block and concrete. He added the machine will also sort out any metal in the debris.

Elizabethtown Town Manager Eddie Madden said that the decision to demolish the building came about as the town had some funding remaining from the Community Development Block Grant for the Tall Oaks community.

“We had some remaining funds because of a sidewalk we were unable to construct. We contacted the Department of Commerce to get their permission to use the funds to demolish the building,” said Madden.

He said town staff spent several months negotiating with the owners before obtaining their permission to tear down the building.

“There were issues with blight and safety,” said Madden.

Part of the roof had begun to cave in and there were also loitering issues, said Madden.

“It is to the advantage of the residents of the housing complex,” said Madden of the removal of the building.