Writer agrees with editorial

August 31, 2013

Regarding your recent editorial, “Race card blather,” I agree with you 100 percent. No one should ignore or make excuses for such blatant behavior. People who do that are only looking for press or a voice to feed their own ego.

I’ve read the Bladen Journal when I could for more than 50 years. I left Bladen County in 1958 and returned seven years ago. It saddens me to see your newspaper hasn’t changed much through the years.

A new school opened on Aug. 19, but your paper didn’t write one line in the next day’s edition. I also noticed that all of our elected officials stayed away except Elizabethtown Mayor Sylvia Campbell and Bladen County Sheriff Prentis Benston.

It’s so sad that we talk about our children’s education, but show no support when anyone attempts to change it for the better.

I give great thanks to those who showed up. Our politicians should remember all voters are not mushrooms or cabbage heads — we think and remember at election time.

Booker T. Cotton


Editor’s note: Thank you for your letter and comments. To clarify, there was no way to cover the event and get it in the next day’s newspaper, since we go to press that very same day — even if we had been notified of the event, which we were not. We did, however, have a large photo of the event on the front page of the Tuesday, Aug. 27, edition thanks to photographer Kenny Armstrong. (wcv)