Convocation readies teachers for school year

Erin Smith Staff writer

August 22, 2013

ELIZABETHTOWN — The air was filled with electricity and enthusiasm as teachers, staff members and administrative personnel gathered for the annual convocation for Bladen County Schools on Thursday morning.

East Bladen High School’s faculty band called “Old School Soul” whipped the crowd into a frenzy before Bladen County Schools Supt. Robert Taylor and Public Relations Director Valerie Newton took to the podium to get things started.

Newton announced to the crowd that the school system now has a presence on Twitter and Facebook, and encouraged everyone to log on and follow the school system on Twitter at @bladencountysch or like their page on Facebook.

Later in the program, Patricia Faulk, human resources director with Bladen County Schools, announced the 2013-14 Principal of the Year Reida Roberts; Teacher of the Year Celeste Lennon of East Arcadia School and Teacher Assistant of the Year Evelyn Graham.

N.C. Rep. William Brisson was present and addressed the group.

“I know I’ve told you this before, I’m speaking to some of the most important people in this system,” said Brisson. “I believe in public schools and I support public schools.”

Brisson was followed by fellow N.C. Rep. Ken Waddell.

“I’m disappointed in the leadership and moving away from public education,” said Waddell. “You are the most important person to meet a person in their lifetime.”

Waddell also presented Roberts, Lennon and Graham with certificates acknowledging their success as educators.

Taylor then gave his annual superintendent’s address highlighting the successes of the past school year and focusing on making the upcoming year successful for faculty, staff and students alike.