Christmas card sparks journey into poetry

Erin Smith Staff writer

August 17, 2013

DUBLIN — Writers get their start to careers in many different places. Sybil Currie of Dublin is no exception.

“I started writing poetry when I did it for a Christmas greeting card at work,” said Currie. “It grew out of that and goes back to when I was a child. I thought I wanted to sing.”

Currie said those aspirations to sing were placed on hold for a while when she met and married her husband — and her family came first. She said that changed a bit when she turned 60 and began to take an assessment of her life. She decided to give writing one more shot.

“I said I’ve got to try this. I’ve got to do this and I’ve been doing it ever since. It’s just a fulfillment,” said Currie.

She has written numerous works over the past years about family and her childhood.

One poem, titled “Grandparents,” starts off with the verse: “In the days, our Grandparents were living; Living off the land from day to day; There were hopes, dreams and play; Living off the land from year to year; On the coastal plains of the Ole Cape Fear.”

Currie added, “I’ve written a lot about family. I wrote a tribute to my mother on her 87th birthday.” She said she has also written poetry celebrating milestones and legacies for other family members as well.

She also has shared her work with instructors at Swallow Hill Music Academy in Denver.

“They have musical teachers and I took two voice lessons,” said Currie.

At one point, she tried her hand at playing the guitar, but said that didn’t work out. She said the guitar was a very demanding and “temperamental” instrument and ” I didn’t have the ear for tuning it.”

In another of her poems, titled “Returning Home,” she writes of what it is like to return home after having been away: “Returning to the Old Place… .many years I’ve been gone; the elders have left … for their heavenly place home; Here,I grew up … and left to make it on my own …; An adventure being both easy and hard as stone … .”

Currie said that many of her friends have encouraged her to publish her writings in a book. She refers to her work as “songs” and she says she would like to see them put to music.

She said when she writes her poetry or songs, she has to start off with a melody. Once that melody is solidified, she can begin the process of writing.

“I’d like to take my songs and put them out there and see if recording companies or entertainers might look at it and give them some new material,” said Currie.