Contingency plans should be at the ready

I’ve never taken the opportunity to say that I really like the new Bladen Journal. If we’re not getting more news, it certainly appears so if ...

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Seriously shortchanged

The lawyers for Henry McCollum and his half-brother Leon Brown aren’t satisfied that they have been exonerated and — after spending 30 years in prison for heinous crimes that evidence suggests they not only didn’t commit but should not have been charged with or tried for — are now free.The lawyers say they will seek a pardon of innocence from Gov. Pat McCrory, a Republican whose party works hard to appear tough on crime. The pardon is potentially 1.5 million...

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Baltimore bully

OK, in the domestic violence case surrounding Ray Rice, all of the assumptions were correct. Thanks to a graphic video released on Monday, the world saw the former Baltimore Ravens running back slug his then-fiancee and drag the unconscious woman out of an Atlantic City, N.J., elevator.But as they say, hindsight is 20-20, so let’s not suddenly rise up and start pointing fingers at who got what wrong. The fact of the matter is this: Everyone got everything wrong.Nob...

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Is there a simple solution?

The Sept. 10 Fayetteville Observer headline read: “Nation awaits terrorism strategy.”According to the article, both Republican Rep. Renee Ellmers and Democrat Sen. Kay Hagan are critical of President Obama for not having presented a plan to oppose ISIL/ISIS. Although American presidents faced multi-state terrorists without geographic boundaries during our nation’s battle with white supremacy, this is the first time our allied nations and we have faced multi-nation...

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Silly stuff

If there is one single word to describe the ongoing soap opera between downtown property co-owner Pat Melvin and the Elizabethtown Town Council over the awning at Bladen Hardware, it might be this: Silly.There are debatable points to be made that the issue has been brewing for more than a month, more than 18 months and more than three years — depending on how you want to look at it.But it appears that there is a chance the whole thing will soon reach the boiling po...

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The summer of our discontent

Despite these last few months of hot and lazy days, it’s been hard not to notice a cold political wind blowing through the country. The magazine Foreign Affairs captured it with its latest cover, a mockup of a travel poster featuring a crumbling U.S. Capitol with the tagline, “See America: Land of Decay and Dysfunction.”Americans are clearly uneasy. I know it anecdotally, because at virtually every public gathering I’ve addressed over the last few months som...

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Life and death

There are a lot of reasons to oppose the death penalty.In no particular order, here are ours:— If there is any societal value in the death penalty, it would be as a deterrent. But there is no study that has ever shown that the death penalty acts as a deterrent. That would happen only if it were administered swiftly, but that will never again be the case in our litigious society.

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Some things I don’t like

I’ve been thinking about what life has taught me over the years and the many things in this world that I care a great deal about. Things like a beautiful woman which, by the way happens to be one of God’s greatest creations, and things like Niagara Falls, even though it’s located in the land of our good friends from the North, those damn Yankees.

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Cut the grass, not trash bags

Well, Bladen County DOT has done it again: They mowed a few miles of Burney Road and went out of their way to chop up full bags of trash into thousands of pieces.In front of my home, they did not mow the grass but did stop, reach out past the ditch and chop up a large piece of Styrofoam.The Bladen Journal’s editor, W. Curt Vincent, posted a photo of this same activity about a year ago and apparently nobody at DOT noticed.I decided to call Bladen County D...

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Not a fan of Gov. O’Malley

Democrat Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley wants to put illegal immigrant children in foster homes.Gov. Martin O’Malley is considering a run for the oval office. Let him stay in Maryland. A recent article stated how 50 percent of Marylanders would opt to relocate to another state. I concur. I moved to Maryland in 2006 and always thought it was a great state for opportunity. But with the high taxes and extreme liberalism, I left.

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Thorough investigation is necessary

On Jan. 31, Donte Jones, age 16, was arrested, charged and housed in the Bladen County jail amongst the adult population. He was charged with attempted mu...

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Count your blessing every day

The average American is happy to have a paying job with the opportunity to make a little more money. Most Americans would like to work a few extra hours when they could. However, many Americans dream of retiring to fish, golf, garden, or relax. Others enjoy working so much that they never quit.It all depends on the kind of work you do. If you are a coal miner, then retirement at 55 looks great. If the daily manual labor is not too overtaxing then many enjoy staying on the job.

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Have you ever been photobombed?

Have you ever thought about bombs? Up until a few weeks ago, I’d not really given much thought about them. But one day recently that all changed and I began researching different types of bombs. In my research I learned that there are pipe bombs, smoke bombs, stink bombs, suitcase bombs, cluster bombs, atomic bombs, dirty bombs, hydrogen bombs, and nuclear bombs. You can be sure that there are many more different types of bombs than what I’ve listed.However, for this we...

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(No heading)

We wanted to be sure and take the time to send out most sincere congratulations to the town of Elizabethtown for the wonderful weekend of events recently.We traveled from Richmond, Va., to Elizabethtown for the Battle of Elizabethtown re-enactment, and thoroughly enjoyed everything we saw. We are surprised this was only the third year, since it all seemed so organized and there was so much to see.Since we live in Richmond, Va., we are quite used to Civil War re-enactment...

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Positive numbers

While enrollment in area community colleges appears to be lagging, the same isn’t true for Bladen Community College, where numbers are looking strong and could even surpass last fall’s record-breaking figure.While there might be a number of reasons for the positive numbers, it all really boils down to one specific factor, according to BCC President William Findt — a grassroots recruitment effort by BCC’s faculty and staff.

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Cut the grass, not trash bags

Well, Bladen County DOT has done it again: They mowed a...

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